Stephen Atkins’ music has been described as both lyrical and memorable, possessing a depth uncommon in its genre. Having recently finished production on his fifth studio album, Stephen is more excited than ever about his music. “My music has given me the opportunity to speak a message of hope into people’s lives, it has given me a chance to make a difference,” says Stephen. His unashamedly Christian message comes through his songs, and his faith just oozes out of him. His infectious personality relates the gospel in a real and honest way that comes from the heart. One can just sense that God is real to him and that he wants others to experience that for themselves. Life on the road has dominated Stephen’s time over the last 15 years with over 1,000 performances across Australia. Stephen says, “I’m just as passionate about performing to a small group of people in a country church as I am about doing a large concert. Every person is important and needs to hear that Jesus loves them.” This has given him the opportunity to share the Christian message with hundreds of thousands of people and many have had a life changing experience as they’ve asked Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour. Many more have rededicated their lives to Christ and have been set free from various situations. Stephen’s desire to produce high quality music has seen him release six studio Albums so far. Many of these songs have gained airplay both nationally and internationally and he has been included on a compilation album of some of Australia’s best Christian Artists. This has led to him being described as one of Australia’s premiere Gospel Artists. During Stephen’s career he has experienced some incredible highs and also some real lows. “Doing all this stuff has been great,” says Stephen “and sometimes you wouldn’t give it up for the world. But there have been some pretty difficult times when I’ve felt like the pressure was just too great to keep going. A few years ago I was really overcome by feelings of inadequacy. I had all these performances booked up and it was a real strain to face the demands of being in the public eye. I must admit that I began to explore other options. Thankfully this didn’t last and God took me back to the real reason why I do this: to save souls!”Part of Stephen’s time is devoted to helping other musicians develop their skills and he regularly produces albums for other artists, holds music workshops, Artist in residence programs with schools and maintains a part-time private teaching schedule. He has also written and performed in several musicals, was a finalist in the Young Australian of the Year Awards and has University degrees in music and theology. Stephen is married to Tina who works as a graphic artist and administrator and they have a Twelve year old boy, Daniel and a seven year old daughter, Sophie. They live in Devonport, Tasmania and are attending Gateway Church.



“I have no problem recommending Stephen Atkins ministry. His great voice & musical ability, meaningful lyrics & mutli-media presentation brought a clear & relevant presentation of the Gospel that definitely appeals to all demographics! He has a strong spiritual approach to the mandates of Scripture and it is great to see him use the grace and gifting upon his life for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God .”
(Pastor Terry Fallowfield - Nurmurkah Christian Church VIC)

Stephen’s music is lyrical,
memorable and possesses 
a depth unlike other 
contemporary Christian 
Music. His faith shines 
through his music.
(Rev. Paul Arnott – CMS Victoria)

“...What impressed me was 
his utter integrity to the gospel and the call of the Lord on his life. 
He was unpretentious yet transparent, musically talented and professional yet not superficial. He was both entertaining and anointed… 
Our evening service was 
arranged café style and 
Stephen’s ministry fitted in well…
 (Richard Warner -
Senior Minister, Lighthouse Community Church, Melbourne)

As well as being a great
musician, songwriter and
performer, Stephen is one of 
the rare breed of musicians 
not driven by ego. His 
musical passion serves his 
greater passion to 
proclaim that Jesus 
Christ lives today.
(John Dickson - Recording Artist, Author and

Stephen Atkins style
would make him one of the 
most appealing Gospel
singers we have in 
Australia at present. 
His approach is both 
genuine and professional 
and relates to all.
(Chris Mitchell – CMS)

Stephen is a man with a 
passion for people and a deep 
hunger for God. In concert, 
he communicates with
integrity, confidence and
polish. I highly recommend 
his ministry.
(Peter Shurley - International Recording Artist)

Australia’s own David 
Meece, was the way this 
very talented performer was introduced to me. 
Steve Atkins has a good 
stage presence and is 
an excellent communicator. 
He is equally at home in an outdoor concert, school 
auditorium or in 
a church. 
(Kevin Hooper – Former 
president of Australasian Christian Broadcasters)

Stephen Atkins’ outstanding
musical skills totally absorb 
the students attending
assemblies. Underlying his 
presentations there has
always been a clear and
relevant interpretation of
the Christian message
which believers and non -
believers alike have found
thought provoking and
have been able to relate 
to easily.
(Layton Hodgetts - Head of music and religious
Education at New Norfolk High School, Tasmania.