Beyond The Stars

1998 Stephen Atkins

'Beyond the Stars' is an album that draws on a breadth of musical styles to create a unique sound of it's own. The driving rhythms of songs such as 'Rampage' and 'Joseph's Dream' complement the funky groove of 'Cry for Help' and the spacious sound of 'Stars'. Drum loops, combined with live drums and percussion, drive the album and the guitars, keys, violin and sax add a complex yet sensitive texture to support the vocals. The diverse nature continues with the pathos of 'Greater Love', a classical 'Why?' the smooth cruisy feel of 'Forgiveness' and the tenderness of 'Years have gone'.

Lyrically, 'Beyond the Stars' has a real depth - applying to the realities of life, a hope that comes from intimacy with God. The listener will be challenged, comforted and informed as the wisdom of God's ways are applied to everyday life. Issues such as trust, forgiveness, love, disappointment and the meaning of life are covered and makes this album a tool of help in a needy world.

Produced by award winning producer Peter Shurley 'Beyond the Stars' is an album with a polished but real sound.

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