Love Never Fails

1996 Stephen Atkins

Love Never Fails is the debut album from Australian singer / song - writer / keyboard player Stephen Atkins. His songs speak to a world where promises of lifelong love are taken lightly and the ensuing damage of broken relationships has become a real problem.

Songs such as 'Love Never Fails' take God's instructions for love and apply them to everyday life. The powerfully moving gospel balled 'Jesus Loves You (as you are)' and the folk/alternative 'Turn Away' (co-written with Adam Lester) speak of God's unconditional love and our appropriate response to him. 'Someone to Love' and 'Poem of Lost Love' are ballads that cry out for the intimacy of a special relationship, whilst 'Welcome Home' is a beautiful song about the comfort and protection found in God's love. 'Trust', 'A Place to Run', 'Take me there' and 'I see a light' add to the album everything from europop to country. 'God of Majesty' is a beautiful duet written and sung with Stephen's brother Peter Atkins.

Under the helm of Peter Shurley's production and armed with the talents of musicians such as George McArdle, Adam Lester and Jonathan Warwick, this album has a slick sound. Its enduring quality, strong musicality and meaningful lyrics ensure the listener of of an enjoyable experience.

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